For Sale in Calhoun GA

Jen Air Downdraft stove top with separate oven/micorwave.  $50

I bought this unit to put into a garage we were going to remodel but I don't need it now as the bank now owns the garage!
This is an older unit but everything works.
It has been in storage for a year or so and needs cleaned up.



Totes 275 gallon. Clean. Metal cage built onto metal pallet. These contained a rheology modifier that is water soluble and is used to thicken paints and glues.
MSDS info of the lethal dose that would have to be ingested to cause death in a rabbit is 5000mg/kg. That's more than the rabbit could consume. Eye test on irritation to rabbit eye was negative. All this just means the totes tanks are safe.

Local pick up only in Calhoun, GA,. 3 available but I will be getting more.

All items I have for sale can be seen at



Spin Count counter . One for pills and one for capsules.  Sell for over $120 each online.  You get both for $100

Spin Count

Roccal D Plus Parvocide and disenfectant for Veterinary Hospitals and Stainless Steel Kennels. 
Will not cause stainless kennels to rust or corrode.  Kills parvo virus and many other virus and bacteria.

You mix 1 oz with 1 gallon of water.  This 5 gallon bucket will make 640 gallons of cleaner/disenfectant



These are baskets that hang on a pegboard.

These have been in storage and need cleaning but otherwise just fine.  There are 10 or 12 of these all for $5


Live Trap Large 44 x 14.5 x 14.5 new in the box

live trap 

Kettle and tripod - old, damaged, sold as it.  $10 


Wrapping  Paper Dispenser  $10

wrap paper 

Wire Burn Barrel Cage $10